What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat? Do It Right!

what is the best way to lose belly fat
Be Happy And You Will Lose Weight

What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat? Do It Right!

Today we will answer the question: What is the best way to lose belly fat? Women compared to men are prone to put on weight. In terms of innate and evolutionary function, women need the weight in order to efficiently bare children. However, excess weight and obesity have been linked to negative health conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and stroke. Women often struggle with losing belly fat.

What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat
Your Health Is Important

It is those annoying few pounds around the hips and waist that seem to be the hardest to lose. The prescription to reduce belly fat does not necessarily come from a doctor’s office or a pharmacy. There are various everyday adjustments and dietary changes that can greatly decrease abdominal fat. These holistic lifestyle changes can further increase overall health, fitness level, and well-being.

What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat?

Getting enough sleep is and should be a priority to your general health. It is recommended for the average adult to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain.

In other words, you are more likely to gain weight as opposed to losing without the proper amount of sleep per night. Studies have noted the link between lack of sleep and obesity rates.

With less sleep, you have more hours in your day to make unhealthy choices. Furthermore, when you do not get the required amount of sleep, the body lacks energy. Thus, hunger increases. Often times we try to supplement that by grabbing for convenient high sugar, high fat, and high-calorie foods. By getting the recommended amount of sleep every night, awareness and productivity increase. Proper sleeping patterns can fuel motivation to take steps and actions towards losing weight.

If you are looking to lose that stubborn belly fat, aim for at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

With the required amount of sleep per night, your energy can be directed towards productive activities including regular physical activity. Exercise burns fat. Many organizations and governments recommend fitting in 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week.

That averages to 20-30 minutes a day. Entirely doable. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. If you were to burn at least 500 calories a day via exercise, that could amount to the loss of one pound of fat a week.

Strength training for a holistic approach should, also, be incorporated at least 2 times a week. We lose muscle mass as we age. Strength training can counteract this. You want to be replacing fat burned with muscle.

One pound of muscle takes up much less space than one pound of fat. Muscle is leaner and can make you look slimmer. It is important to include a well-rounded strength training program into your routine, but in pertinence to losing abdominal fat core and oblique strengthening should be the focus.

Furthermore, muscle cells actually burn more calories at rest than fat does.

This can greatly help in terms of maintenance post weight loss. Not only will exercise help burn fat in those problem areas, such as the belly, but you will feel overall better and happier. Exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins are the ‘feel good’ hormones.

After a workout, endorphins are the reason you feel good. They minimize pain and elevate mood. Regular physical activity can also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Humans were never meant to be sedentary creatures.

what is the best way to lose belly fat
Be Happy And You Will Lose Weight

The infinite benefits received from exercise entirely support this. What is the best way to lose belly fat? Get moving! Ensure to include a balanced approach to your exercise program, involving cardio, strengthening, as well as stretching to reduce injury and post-workout soreness.

Dietary means should not be ignored in relation to reduction in belly fat. It is important to keep in mind calories in versus calories out.

In order to lose any percentage of fat, calories out must be greater than calories in. This means you have to be burning more energy than what you are putting in. Certain foods and beverages straight from your cupboard or local grocery store can aid in decreasing fat and increasing metabolic rate.

Increasing metabolic rate means increasing the rate that your body burns calories, which can greatly contribute to an even higher and more efficient means of weight loss. Cinnamon, green tea, peppermint tea, and cayenne pepper have all been proven to decrease bloating, aid in digestion, burn fat, and increase metabolism.

Reducing sugar and high processed foods can also pave the way to losing fat. For example, eliminating pop from your diet can have major health benefits related to weight loss. Incorporating healthy fats, such as avocado, into your diet can keep you fuller longer and quench those unhealthy cravings.

Avocados can, also, add much-needed fiber and potassium into your diet. Further changes that can be made in terms of eating habits include integrating more protein into meals. Protein, like avocados, can keep you fuller longer.

what is the best way to lose belly fat
Avocados Are a Great Source of Important Nutrients

It includes amino acids which aid in muscle growth. This can be beneficial when replacing fat cells with muscle cells. It is always good to be aware what you are putting in your body.

The mantra, ‘we are what we eat,’ isn’t far from the truth.

If you are serious about losing belly fat and care about your health, being conscious of the foods you eat is essential to progress.

Last tip: Drink plenty of water. 8 glasses a day to be exact. The best way to ensure you are getting properly hydrated is to bring a filled water bottle with you wherever you go.

You can find many water bottles online that already have markings on them for hourly intervals. Every hour you should be drinking at least one glass of water. The markings on the bottle guarantee that you keep up with drinking the proper amount daily.

what is the best way to lose belly fat
Water Is More Important Than We Think

In relation to losing fat, drinking a glass or two of water before a meal can help reduce the amount you consume per sitting. Sometimes you are more thirsty than hungry. It can be hard to differentiate this. By drinking water pre-meal, it will quench your thirst and prevent you from overeating. Thus, it can help lose weight. As aforementioned, replacing pop and juices with water is another great strategy to reduce fat and achieve the consumption of 8 glasses of water a day.

Women, more often than men, acquire weight around the abdominal area. It can be a tiresome and discouraging process when you don’t know what steps to take in order to make those much-needed changes. Your health isn’t something you want to brush aside.

What is the best way to lose belly fat? Losing weight and reducing belly fat does not have to be a huge challenge. By making minor lifestyle changes it can be a rewarding process, mentally and physically. Start small and gradually make the changes, as discussed in this article, over a period of time.

Start becoming more aware of what you are putting in your body. Plan and implement a strategy. It is important to set specific goals and timelines. Making these holistic dietary and lifestyle adjustments you can work toward a healthier, fitter, and happier you. You can start getting the most out of your life, starting today.

Natural Supplements Improve Weight Loss

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  1. Hi Simon, thanks for the thorough and clear information about losing belly fat. I guess I’m well on my way but always on the lookout for tips and tools. After all, if I really am what I eat, I should be paying more attention 😉
    Also, I think the information about the CLA 1250 was incredibly useful!

  2. Hi there,
    I have just found your site very informative and I like the emphasis that you have put on doing a certain amount of exercise every week. Its great to read that it is still considered a very important element for the task of loosing weight.
    I need to read it every now and agin, just to drive the message home for me.
    Great article and awesome advise for all, well done.
    Best wishes to you,
    Cheers…….PHil Browne

    • Hi Phil,

      there are things in life which never become out of date. Exercising and eating healthy to lose weight and burn belly fat is one of them. Sometimes we need a little reminder to keep on the right track! It is better to prevent than to heal.

      Thank you very much,

      I hope that I am helping,

      I wish you a great healthy day!



  3. I never knew there was a link between lack of sleep and obesity rates, that’s new to me but as you say hunger can increase causing you to start nibbling if you’re not getting around 8 hours sleep per night.

    I sit at my computer all day however I don’t really eat during the day, only a meal at night which is the wrong way to maintain health but going out for regular walks is essential, it’s just being determined to get out during wintery weather what’s our concern. Spring and summer’s not a problem as we regularly walk around the local parks to burn the belly fat away.

    I didn’t realise exercising releases endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones, you learn something every day.
    Thanks for all your tips regarding healthy foods and drinking plenty of water, I think this is vital for body health and keeping trim.

    I’m off for a walk now to try and burn some more away.
    Are you a regular walker?
    All the best and cheers for the advice,

    • Hi Simon,

      there is a strong link between lack of sleeping and obesity. Somehow your body needs to balance the lack of sleep, and that is why your hunger for sugar increases.

      Not eating at all is not the solution to lose weight and burn belly fat, the key is to eat the right foods and working out regularly, this is what releases endorphins and makes you feel happy. Additionally, when you see results in the mirror you will feel more motivated and even more happy!

      Oh great, you will see how you will feel better after walking. It is a medicine for your mind and body.

      Yes, I walk 3-4 days a week for about half an hour. Additionally I am working out by doing bodyweight exercises 6 times a week.

      I wish you a great day!



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