Swimming Benefits for Women: Why You Should Swim!

swimming benefits for women
Swimming Burns Fat and Makes You Sweat!

Swimming Benefits for Women: Why You Should Swim!

Today I am going to talk about the swimming benefits for women and why you should swim regularly. Swimming is one of the oldest sports in the history and it has so many advantages for our physical and mental health that it can really help us to live a better life.

swimming benefits for women
Swimming Has Many Benefits For Women


Swimming Benefits for Women: Why You Should Swim!

Let’s see the reasons why you should start swimming today…..

It Works Your Whole Body

I love full body workouts and swimming has so many benefits for women because it is one of the exercises that is working your whole body at once. When swimming you engage your back, shoulders, biceps and triceps, pecs and a lot of your core and lower back.

Besides, you are using your quadriceps, femoral and booty!

It Strengthen and Shapes Your Muscles

The difference between lifting weights and the swimming benefits for women is tremendous. Whilst lifting heavy weights you are focusing on muscle growth and increasing your maximal power. When swimming you are shaping your body because you are multiplying your muscle fibers instead of only focusing on growing alone.

The result is that you will look more shaped and shredded instead of big and muscular. Besides, your overall shape will look homogenous and your overall aspect will be awesome!

It Strengthen Your Back

I think that you already know that one of the swimming benefits for women is that it strenghten your back.

swimming benefits for women
Swimming can relieve your back pain

If you are working at an office or seated for the most of the day, you probably suffer from back or cervical pain and a curved posture. The reason for that is that you are not sitting ergonomically correct and that your back muscles are not strong enough to support your body weight for a good vertical posture.

Swimming is the key to strengthening your back, correct your posture and relieve your back pain!

When you start swimming regularly you will feel the difference after a few sessions!

It Is Easy On Your Joints

What I absolutely love about swimming is that it is one of the safest activities to do, besides of rowing with a rowing machine. It is very difficult to hurt yourself, like with weights at the gym or running and jogging on concrete. In most of the cases, the movements are controlled and the resistance of the water hinders you from doing any abrupt move which can harm your joints and tendons.

It preserves the health of your knees, back, and shoulders, which is crucial for any movement that we do in our daily activities.

It Burns Fat

One of the most important swimming benefits for women is the fat burning effect! As mentioned before, you are engaging your whole body whilst swimming and that is one of the key points of burning fat. All your muscles are activated and working to keep you moving forward. This guarantees that you are burning calories by engaging your whole body like with the rowing machine!

It could be misleading you, and even if you don’t see it, you are sweating like hell whilst swimming!

swimming benefits for women
Swimming Burns Fat and Makes You Sweat!

The more muscles we use at once whilst working out, the more fat burning and muscle shaping attribute our workout has.

This is the reason why swimming is one of the best fat burning exercises ever!

Let’s see what else it can do for you…..

It Protects Your Spinal Column

Many weight lifting exercises can probably harm our spinal column when done incorrectly. It can because of a distraction, a too fast execution because of wanting to finish the routine fast, or because of ignoring the right movement type. Howsoever, it can hurt our spinal column, with the consequence of having pain and the need to stop working out.

Swimming has so many benefits for women, and one of them is that it protects your spine. It not only prevents harm but it also strengthens your muscles around your column, meaning that it will be very difficult for you to hurt yourself not only in the water but also in your daily activities.

It Increases Your Pulmonary Capacity

Swimming has not only outside benefits for women but also inside effects on your body starting from your pulmonary capacity. Normally, we are not breathing deep and we are only using the upper third part of our lung. Through constant, regular and profound breathing you are starting to use more of them, as a result you are increasing its capacity.

One positive side effect of breathing profound is that…..

It Calms Your Mind

I don’t know if you have ever meditated, but swimming has a very similar effect! One of the meditation practices is breathing deeply. You can try that right now. Take a deep slow breath! You will feel calmer, more concentrated and more relaxed before going on with reading or any other activity.

swimming benefits for women
Swimming Calms Your Mind and Soul

Swimming has the same effect. If you are swimming for half an hour, you are breathing deeply all that time, besides most of the time you won’t hear anything else but your breath! Listening to your breath gives you a sensation of being alive.

As a result, it calms your mind activities and you will feel much more relaxed and focused.

It Makes You Sleep Better

As a consequence of the swimming benefits for women and activating all your muscles, burning calories and fat, breathing deeply and having a calm mind, your sleep pattern will improve considerably. It is a logical conclusion that you will feel much more tired and relaxed when going to bed. A good sleep improves your mood, increases your capacity to concentrate and makes you feel clearer and fresher.


If you want to burn fat, improving your overall shape whilst protecting and reinforcing your back and joints, increasing your pulmonary capacity and having a better rest, I absolutely recommend that you start swimming as soon as you can.

By swimming two times a week combined with your nutrition plan and workout routine you will achieve greatest results for your overall fitness and lifestyle.

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This is all for now, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about swimming benefits for women. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao Ciao!




  1. Really good read! I hadn’t really thought too much about swimming being such a great activity for women, other than that it’s an exercise that’s very low impact for those who suffer from joint pain (like myself).
    I tried to get into swimming regularly a few years back (before I had kids, which completely complicates the work out idea), but I found I would get a sore neck and shoulder. I was swimming lanes all the time. But I wonder now if I need to figure out how to try it again – maybe do an aquafit class? Your benefits from swimming are pretty convincing. Thanks!

    • Thank you very much for your comments Marlaine! It is really easy on your joints, it works all of your muscle groups and it burns a lot of fat.

      The sore neck and shoulder could be because of your technique, try looking on the bottom of the pool instead of looking in front, besides if you have sore muscles it means that you worked out parts of your body that need to be stronger. Look at my post about what to do for sore muscles https://howtogetinshapewomen.com/what-to-do-for-so…, that will help you aswell!

      I can absolutely recommend the aquafit classes, every activity in the water has great benefits like swimming.

      Thank you very much and have a great day!



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