Nutrition, Yes Nutrition, Not Diets…..

I don´t believe in diets because they have a touch of ” I can´t eat what I really desire, and what makes me happy. How long can I stick to something like that ? “

If we want to know how to get in shape, especially women, we need to avoid pressure on us, if not we will abandon even before we start. I have tried a lot of them and I am really a person who can put a lot of commitment into things, but if we really want to change our life, get in shape and live our lifestyle, we need another point of view of approaching and living things. We can only achieve our goals if we love what we do, so food is a really basic need in nature, so why do it so complicated?

The word nutrition goes hand in hand with the word being conscious about what I put into my mouth and what do I put into my body. We will have a lot of good and tasty menus and receipts which are healthy, have the right nutrients to have the best effect and let us feel good, without missing anything! They key is balance and the right combination of our workouts.


  1. What you say makes a lot of sense, and I do not think of diets as all the different things of what I can eat or shouldn’t. I prefer to think of a diet as a way of living for all the foods I choose to eat. With proper amounts and quality of food and exercise, I can eat what I want.

    • Hi Travis, it is exactly the intention. We need to become aware of the natural way. With the correct nutrition and workouts, our bodies become as we really are.

      Thank you for your feedback


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