Morning Routines For Weight Loss: Less Than 15 Minutes

Morning Routines For Weight Loss
Push ups are a basic exercise for getting in shape

Morning Routines For Weight Loss: Less Than 15 Minutes

Today I am going to show you one type of morning routines for weight loss which you can do in less than 15 minutes on an empty stomach after waking up. You should combine this routine with the best fast weight loss diet for women if you want to lose weight fast in a short time.

You can do this routine every morning during some weeks or months and see the results. It is a full body routine and if done fast it evolves to an HIIT depending on the intensity.

Morning Routines for Weight Loss: 1 Example and 5 Exercises

I have recommended this routine to many of my friends who are beginners in fitness but also to more advanced and experts which want to cut and shred some weeks before summer. This workout is best after waking up and following a low carb diet or the best fast weight loss diet for women!

The key for this routine and all other morning routines for weight loss is that you don´t eat carbohydrates for dinner and before going to sleep, your body don´t need to convert the carbohydrates into sugars and burn them during the night time. Instead, it can start burning fat directly and in addition when you wake up in the morning and you start working out it will again burn fat cells instead of sugars. This is just one of many morning routines for weight loss but one of my favorites.

So let´s see the different exercises and how to do them:

First Exercise: Squats

The squats will actívate your lower body, most of all your legs and your booty. Those are big muscles so your heart rate will increase a Little and your blood will be pumped through your body, activating it completely.

Try to keep your core straight whilst doing the routine

Second Exercise: Lunges

Lunges is another leg and booty workout which you can do directly after the squats. They are working your booty and your legs, and your hamstrings.

After this one your muscles should be already warm.

Third Exercise: Chair Dips or Bench Dips

The Dips will actívate your upper body, especially your tríceps and shoulders and Abs.

Do them in a quicker way as you would normally do to increase more your metabolism.

Fourth Exercise: Push Ups

Push ups have the nice effect that if you do them right, you work your whole body, not only your arms and shoulders but also your core, back, legs, and booty.

That is exactly what we are looking for! If normal push-ups are too hard for you, do them inclined on a chair or your bed. This time again, to them a Little faster than you would normally do, to increase your heart rate and metabolism.

Fifth Exercise: Plank

Would you have thought that the Plank would be in one of these morning routines for weight loss?

Directly after the push ups, go into a plank position. This static hold will give you even more burning effect, take care to breathe deeply, if you feel aching your abs now, you are doing it right. The plank is also activating your complete body, from your arms to your legs and booty.

Sixth Exercise: Mountain Climbers

Beginning directly from the plank position, go back to your push up position and start doing the mountain climbers as fast as you can as long as you can. This exercise is absolutely awesome as it is a pure HIIT. It is highly possible that you are sweating now!

Seventh Exercise: Sit Ups

Now lay down on your back and start doing sit ups, breathe right and do them fast again to keep your heart rate high and boost your metabolism.

If you have done it fast five minutes have passed, and you can start over again. If you have done it slow you can stop with one round, but two round should be manageable in 10 minutes. If you achieve to do three, four, or even five rounds in the cycle you are doing really good.

The more cycles you do, the more you will burn and sweat with one of these morning routines for weight loss!


Please keep in mind that you need to follow a nutrition plan together with any type of workout or morning routines for weight loss to have an optimum result. You need to combine both so you can achieve your goals in a short and long time span.

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This is all for now, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that the videos helped you to know how to do the exercises correctly for this post about morning routines for weight loss. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao Ciao!

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  1. Wow, I think that anyone would be able to wake up with a bang for the day by starting it off with this workout.

    Discipline is the hard part, though. One has to make a conscious effort to wake up a bit earlier and do this, and a lot of people start well and then lose motivation.

    Just a question – what are mountain climbers. This is the only exercise that doesn’t explain itself apart from sit-ups but we all know what sit-ups are.

    • Dear Michel,

      thank you very much for your comment on my article.

      You are correct, we need some discipline to wake up in the morning and workout, but don´t we have discipline in other things like going to work? Why can´t we do something good for ourselves?

      The hard part is at the beginning, once we get used to it and see the benefits of it, our body will demand it from alone.

      Mountain a climber is a cardio workout, you do them by going into the push-up position and starting to move your knees up and down by alternating. It looks like you are climbing a mountain!

      Thank you very much and have a great day!


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