Leg Workouts For Women Without Weights

bodyweight exercises are perfect for working out your legs

Leg Workouts For Women Without Weights

Today I am going to show you four leg workouts for women without weights. You can do these perfectly at home or outside in the park or in your backyard. At the beginning you won´t need any special equipment, later you can intensify the workouts by using rubber bands or some additional weight like a weighted vest or ankle weights. For now, let´s see what these exercises are and how to do them.

Leg Workouts For Women Without Weights
bodyweight exercises are perfect for working out your legs

You can achieve great results with bodyweight exercises. I am personally a big fan of them and I do calisthenics nearly every day because it is absolutely safe to do and you don´t put too much tension on your knees and joints. If you want to increase the intensity, you can shorten the rest times between sets and reps or do more of them. This workout can be absolutely considered as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) if it´s done fast.

Don´t forget to drink plenty water when you are working out!

You can warm up by using a Jumping Rope or do little sprints.

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In What are Leg Workouts For Women Without Weights Consisting?

The first exercise is:

Jumping Squats:

You can do this exercise by jumping on a bench or some kind of elevated platform, if you don´t have one, just do them by jumping up vertically on the floor, the effect will be nearly the same.

The difference from normal squats is that by jumping in the air and absorbing the impact when touching the ground you train the explosiveness of your muscles, new fibers need to grow and your legs and booty will become rock hard!

You will activate your legs, hamstrings, core, and your booty! Watch the video to see how it is done. Do about ten jumps rest for about 10 to 20 seconds and switch to the next exercise …..

Bulgarian Squats:

The Bulgarian squats or also called split squats are a modified version of the Lunges. As you can see in the video you need to keep the balance because one foot is in an elevated position. You need to find the correct posture to keep the balance. If you use your arms to help yourself, it has also the additional effect of engaging your shoulders. You will feel that also your legs, booty, and the core is activated. Try to do between five to ten with each leg and skip to the next exercise which is …..


The squats are a basic exercise which is one of the most common and effective for your legs. If you keep your feet in a wider position it is easier to keep the balance but you will work more your booty. If you keep them more together you will need more balance but you can focus more on your legs. Don´t forget your breathing! Exhale whilst pushing up and inhale whilst going down. Do between ten and fifteen and jump to the next and last exercise….


The Lunges are a simplified form of the Bulgarian squats and are very effective in strengthening your legs and booty. If you stretch your arms to the front, you will work also your shoulders. Contract your abs whilst exhaling to engage them better and keep a more stable position. The bigger steps you do to the front the more challenging the Lunges will be. Do about ten to fifteen with each leg and start again from the beginning with the jumping squats. Don´t forget to drink some water!

After each set take a rest for about 15 to 20 seconds before starting the next exercise. The routine should be done in a circle, once you have done all the exercises once, you take a rest of about a minute and start over again. At the beginning, I would do between three to four rounds.

If you want to increase the intensity you can add reps and set or decrease the rest times. I also use the skipping rope or do some sprints after every circle. If you want to use a skipping rope you can do fifty to hundred jumps after each round, or twenty seconds after each exercise.

By doing this routine you will lose fat in every part of your body. By working out your legs you are engaging big muscle groups like your legs and booty. You will also be burning belly fat, fat in your arms and back. If you are burning fat, then you burn it everywhere at the same time.

You should do this routine between two or three times a week, combining it with some upper body workouts for your back, chest, and arms.  You can also go swimming, running, or use the rowing machine.

The important thing is that you vary between exercises to activate as many muscles groups as you can, this will increase your metabolism and as a result, you will be burning more fat faster.

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Please keep in mind that you need to follow a nutrition plan together with your workouts to have an optimum result. Working out alone won´t give you the results you are aiming for. Only following a diet without working out won´t give you good results either. The combination of both is the key to achieving your goals in a short and a long term.

This is all for now, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that the videos helped you to know how to do the exercises correctly for this post about leg workouts for women without weights. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. Hi there. Thank you for providing a very in-depth article here. There are lots of interesting points you have pointed out. My girlfriend really hates weight so those workouts could definitely be great for her. I have a question. Are those workouts also good for men as well? Thank you.

    • Dear Karlo,

      thank you very much for your comments and questions. I have tried to give a good explanation about the workouts and how somebody can train legs without weights. If your girlfriend is no big lover of weights, this workout is perfect for her.

      Absolutely yes! Men can also do this workout and will have very good results. I am also doing this workout twice a week and I can promise you that it can be really challenging.

      Thank you very much and I hope that I helped you.

      Have a great day!


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