Leg Workout Routine For Women: Get Fit Now!

HIIT Workout Routine For Women
Fantastic Exercise to Work Your Legs, Booty, and Core

Leg Workout Routine For Women: Get Fit Now!

If you are looking for a Leg Workout Routine For Women, you have come to the right place! Congratulations! Today I am going to show you a simple but challenging Leg Workout Routine which will not only makes your legs and booty harder but also your core and abdominal muscles, besides of burning fat!

The exercises are simple but the whole routine can be very challenging if you increase time, repetitions or sets. I have chosen five exercises for you which will engage mostly the lower part of your body.

It is perfect if you want to lose weight and gain functional strength.

Leg Workout Routine For Women: Get Fit Now!

This Workout Routine should be performed as a circuit training, which means that you start with the jumping rope and finish with the plank. After doing the plank you start over again from the first exercise.

It is also called circuit training and if you do it intensely, it can be absolutely considered a High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT).

You should do be doing minimum 2 rounds at the beginning and after some weeks up to 10 rounds depending on your progress and fitness level.  Yes, 10 rounds!

First Exercise: Jumping Rope

Leg Workout Routine For Women
The Jumping Rope Works Your Whole Body, Even Your Shoulders, Arms, and Core

Start by jumping for about 2 -3 minutes. The jumping rope is one of the completest exercises, especially if you are looking forward to losing weight. It easier on your joints and knees than running, and you can do it at home. The hamstrings, legs, booty and core muscles are activated the most, but also your arms and shoulders. Try it and you will see by yourself!

You will feel that your whole body is activated and that you start sweating if you do it intensely.

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the…

Second Exercise: Squats

Leg Workout Routine For Women
Squats Work Your Whole Body, But Mainly Your Legs, Booty And Abdominals

Do about 20-30 squats after the jumping rope. Try to go down slower than you go up. A good ratio is 3 seconds down and 2 seconds up. 

This exercise is a classic and especially indicated for this leg workout routine for women. It will work your whole body, but most of all, your booty, your legs and your core!

The squats will definitively help you to burn fat, get in shape and strengthen your booty and legs.

Take another rest of 10 to 15 seconds and go on with the next exercise! You are doing fantastic!

Third Exercise: Lunges 

Leg Workout Routine For Women
Lunges Will Work Your Booty And Legs

I would do about 12-15  lunges for each leg. You were looking for a leg workout routine for women, right? Go on, stay focused, and don´t forget to breathe. In this case, breathe in whilst going down and breathe out whilst pushing up.

The speed should be 2 seconds to do the front step, and also 2 seconds for coming back to the beginning position.

 I recommend you to switching the leg after each step to use the same amount of energy and stay balanced. This exercise will engage your booty, your rectus femoris, and your quadriceps. Besides, it works your core and resistance.

This exercise is a perfect fat burner, even more in combination with the other exercises like in this leg workout routine for women.

Come on! You have accomplished more than half the workout exercises already! You are really doing great!

Rest again for 10-15 seconds, drink some water,  and follow with the next exercise…..

Fourth Exercise: Moutain Climbers

Leg Workout Routine For Women
Fantastic Exercise to Work Your Legs, Booty, and Core

This one is one of my favorite exercises when I want to strengthen my abs. As you can see and feel, this exercise is a full body workout by itself! If you aren´t sweating right now, after this one you will!

By doing the mountain climbers you will work your complete body. Your arms, shoulders and chest, your core, and your legs are going to be fully engaged. 

Don´t forget to breathe deeply whilst doing this exercise, you can do it a little faster than the other exercises. Depending on your level, you can ever do it very fast, like if you would be running.

Take a rest of 15-20 seconds and drink some more fresh water, before starting the next and last exercise for this round.

Fifth Exercise: Plank 

Full Body Routine For Women
The Last Exercise for This Routine

The plank will work most of all your whole core, shoulders, arms, legs, and if you focus on it, even your booty!

The plank will give you a little rest from the other exercises, but you will keep on burning and engaging your whole body.

You don´t need to move, just hold the position in the picture and breathe deeply in an out.

Congratulations! You have achieved the first round of this leg workout routine for women!

Depending on your level, do about 1-9 more rounds.

You can do this routine for 20 minutes up to an hour! Yes, you can do it daily and I promise you that you will see results very quickly if you want to lose weight, get stronger, and feel better! This will even increase your libido, so I wouldn´t wait any longer! Your husband, boyfriend, or friends will ask you what you are doing to get in shape!

The Jumping Rope Can Help You Losing Fat and Getting In Shape Fast

As you have seen, the jumping rope accelerates the fat burning effect and helps you to gain overall strength. I prefer it over running because it’s easier on my joints and I can stay at the same place without moving. Besides I like the effect that it works out the rest of my body, not only the legs. You will start sweating very fast, if you do it intensively and get better after a while. It is really funny because it requires coordination, and you can always add new combinations. I have chosen some of the best jumping ropes at Amazon for you and done a product review about them. Click the following link to see my article! .Amazon has the best prices and good quality ropes right now.

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leg workout routine for women

This is all for now, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about this leg workout routine for women. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer you as soon as I can.





  1. Great workouts.

    I just have a question. It says these are for women but i am sure men can use them to right?

    They seem simply enough. i might start this soon to see how i get on.

    I like the whole circuit thing cause it keeps the heart rate going 🙂

    Thanks very much for sharing this

    • Hi Stephen, absolutely! Men can use this routine as well. I am doing it also! Try it and you will see how effective it is!



  2. Hi Simon, I just finished reading your posts on Smoothies for weight loss and Full body workout for women. I found your posts both informative and helpful. You have done your homework and have discovered the effectiveness of circuit training. I enjoyed your graphics demonstrating the exercises.Do you recommend counting calories when trying to shed pounds? I have found it very helpful in my personal journey to lose weight.

    • Hi Larry, I am doing more than 5 years now bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. I have never had any joint, knee or lower back pain again. The graphics explain very well the exercises.

      I am not counting calories, I just eat healthy and workout 4-6 days a week! I think we should keep things simple.

      Yes, the jumping rope is a great tool to lose weight and burn fat, without hurting your knees and joints.

      It can be used at home without any problem and it is cheaper than a gym fee.



  3. This would be great for my wife. She’s been looking for exercises to tone her legs. She doesn’t like running because it’s hurts her knees and its crazy hot where we live. but she get so overwhelmed because there are so many out there. But, you provided a whole routine which makes things much simpler. Very much appreciated.

    • Hi Garrett, you and your wife can do this routine perfectly at home. Yes, running can hurt your knees, especially if you are running on concrete.

      The jumping rope is a powerful tool to burn fat without putting pressure on your knees and joints. There are good quality ropes on Amazon which are not so expensive.

      The routine is easy but challenging, depending how much effort you want to put into it. More effort, more results!



  4. I remember when I was just starting out my work-out routine, I hadn’t gotten a gym membership yet and I did a routine that was similar to this. I was always afraid of the mountain climbers because I kept picturing that I would aim my knee to far and hit my elbow and cause myself to collapse! It was silly and I think that prevented me from getting the full effect of the mountain climbers. I tried it with cardboard/paper plates under my feet a few times and I felt that those were more effective for me; I felt less worried about hitting my elbows with my knees. Not quite sure why that was though.

    • the great thing about bodyweight routines is that most of them can be performed at home, for free! When you are doing the mountain climbers, your knees can go at the height of your chest. You should not flex your elbows, maybe you where touching your knees because of that.



  5. Greetings,

    I think I was sweating just from reading this, lol. This looks amazing I’m pretty easy to follow. My concern is that I’ve noticed that my knees are starting to act up a little bit. Going down the stairs as a little bit difficult but I find that I could walk for hours on end without any pain. How could I do these same exercises but in moderation.

    I really like the moving images that you provided. I find that oftentimes just reading about how to do an exercise, no matter how detailed it is, it’s really not sufficient for me to understand.

    Exercising could be a daunting experience for me at times, so I appreciate the ease of which you’ve shared the information. Actually started a healthier me challenge several weeks ago so I’m reading this at just the right time. Thank you so much, Simon.

    • Hi Veronica! Great, that means that it is already working for you only by reading it!

      The exercises are especially for persons which suffer from pain in their joints and knees because there are no weights involved.

      I recommend you to not go down more than 90 degrees, especially when you are doing the squats and lunges. Just do half of the movement and you will be fine. You can also lean on a wall or a table with your hands to decrease the intensity. Just do the exercises slower than you would normally do.

      I tell you even more, this workouts will strengthen your muscles around your joints, and when you get stronger you will feel no more pain. Normally the pain comes because the muscles around the joints and tendons are too weak. I hope that has helped you.

      Enjoy the workout,



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