Jumping Rope Benefits for Women: Burn That Fat Away!

Jumping Rope Benefits for Women

Jumping Rope Benefits for Women: Burn That Fat Away!

We are going to see what really are the jumping rope benefits for women. Maybe some of you can remember as a little child having played with it with your friends and family. There are many types of jumping ropes or also known as skipping ropes. From speed ropes to weighted ropes, depending on your level and condition we can choose between many different types of them.

Jumping Rope Benefits for Women
Jumping ropes have many benefits

Maybe you have seen many athletes like boxers using it for their workouts. Not only boxers, but nearly every type of sport and fitness professional uses it for increasing speed, agility, condition, balance, explosive power, and fat burning. It has so many positive effects that it has to be in every athlete’s repertoire. Imagine a tennis player, the reaction time and agility needs to be nearly instant because of the speed of the ball from which comes from the rival. The rope increases the ability to react because the tennis player is used to that little jumping or dancing on the tips of the feet which increases his reaction time.

What Are The Jumping Rope Benefits For Women?

Now let’s have a closer look on the benefits the jumping rope has…..

Foremost It Burns Fat!

The skipping rope is considered HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training). No matter if we jump fast or slow or if we can already jump side to side, or know how to do the double under. In general, with every single jump, we activate about 90 percent of our muscles and fibers. It engages more muscles than with running.

It Works Out Your Whole Body!

By using our hands and arms to move the rope we train our shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms. We need to stabilize therefore we need to use our core and back muscles. By jumping itself we engage our legs, booty, and our hamstrings. With one movement we work our complete body and by doing that we create the best conditions to burn fat!

It Will Break Your Sweat!

Besides, if we increase the speed and do many fast jumps, we will be sprinting! A short and high-intensity workout which will let you sweat a lot! Sweating means burning fat!

It Preserves Your Joints!

The good thing about the skipping rope is that you conserve your joints, especially your knees! In my case, I felt pain in my knees after running for a while and I knew that the cause was because of running. When I started jumping that pain went away as I felt that the pressure switched over to my hamstrings and not on my knees anymore.

Jumping rope benefits for women
It is an absolute fat burner

You Can Adjust The Speed And Intensity!

Depending on the speed, intensity and time you can adjust your workouts to exactly what you want to train. When you jump slower, you do a kind of jogging and when you jump faster you do more a kind of sprint. Combine them for the best effect.

You Can Do It At Home!

You can use it at your home without the need to go outside the house. In addition, you stay in one spot. If you have children you can workout without the need to “run away” and have always and eye on them.

You Can Incorporate It Into Your Workouts!

Another positive aspect of the jumping rope is that you can modify your routines and workouts by incorporating it into your sets. This will make them much more challenging as you will train your resistance like never before!

As you can see the jumping rope or skipping rope has many benefits that can help us achieving our fitness goals.

You Improve Your Coordination!

I have noticed that my coordination increased drastically. I wasn´t able to jump at the beginning because of my missing coordination. I have been doing many types of sport but jumping was a new challenge.

It Is Funny!

When you get better you will see how much fun it really is. When you start to know how to jump, and you begin to try some different types of jump like the criss-cross or the double under you will feel challenged and you start to try that new trick over and over again till you learn it. It can be very addictive! Besides, by only trying new jumps and types of movements you will burn fat, build lean muscles, get stronger and feel better. Even if you aren´t a pro jumper, you will have the same benefits. Your muscles and your body need to do the movements so don´t worry, you will have absolutely great effects and you will be getting better by practising.

Jumping rope benefits for women
Weighted ropes increase the intensity

Which One is The Best For Me?

There are many types and brands of skipping ropes for many different types of workouts. There are speed ropes for double and triple jumps which are more indicated if you a searching for doing tricks. On the other side, we can choose thick leather ropes which will focus on working out our muscles, especially arms and shoulders,  booty and legs.

They have more weight and are very challenging for your resistance. These ones are used by boxers and martial arts specialists. There are some types of plastic ropes which are very good also, especially when we are beginners and want to use an all round rope for every situation.

Like with many other things it depends on your preferences and how serious you are about it. Personally, I have four different types of rope, a leather rope, a speed rope, and two plastic ropes, one is lighter and one is heavier.

I switch between them depending on my goals, actual physical condition, and most of all, on my mood that day! I use the rope which I really want at that moment.

This is all for now, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about the benefits the jumping rope can have for women. Click here to see my product review!  If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. I used to love skipping rope – it’s a fantastic way to get your heart rate up! (And yes, it’s fun!)
    I’m no longer able to do any sort of jumping exercise due to the damage high impact exercises (jumping and any sort of running) does on the damaged discs in my lower back. Can you point me to some other exercises that burn fat for women?

    • Dear Marlaine,

      thank you very much for your comment. Yes, the jump rope is a fantastic tool to burn fat and get in shape for your whole body. It is fun whilst you need to coordinate your jumps. It is a great combination.

      I know many persons with that problem in your back. I would recommend doing basic body weight exercises like push ups and bench dips and additionally, I strongly recommend the rowing machine. It is easy on your joints and lower back and it is very challenging for all levels of fitness.

      You can check the basic routine and a rowing machine review on my site here.

      Thank you very much for your comment and have a nice weekend!



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