How To Make A Green Tea For Weight Loss: 5 Simple Tips

How To Make A Green Tea For Weight Loss: 5 Simple Tips

When talking about how to make a Green tea for weight loss, there are 5 simple steps to follow, but we need to be careful in order to do them correctly.

We already know that Green tea has many beneficial effects and properties for us and our bodies. I am personally drinking between two and three cups a day of Japanese Green tea. I love the aromas of the different types of tea qualities and the healing benefits it has on my mind, body, and soul.

How To Make A Green Tea For Weight Loss
Traditionally prepared Green Tea

Green tea has positive effects on obesity, diabetes, Parkinson, Alzheimer, and heart diseases. In Japan, it is also known as the elixir of longevity because it has so many protective qualities for the heart. A study shows that men live 12% and women 23% longer when drinking four to five cups of Green tea daily.

The test subjects had less heart and brain strokes over a long period of time.

Other studies have shown that it has anti-cáncer characteristics, but further investigation needs to be done. Besides, it protects our teeth from caries and decay.

Now let´s see …..

How To Make A Green Tea For Weight Loss?


Tip 1:  Don´t Boil The Water!

The Green tea needs to unfold its full potential, so never use boiled water for making your Green tea. It won´t be able to develop its full flavor and the healing properties. Besides it normally becomes bitter and in many cases unenjoyable.

The perfect temperature for the first brew should be around 82ºC / 179 F

How To Make A Green Tea For Weight Loss
Don´t boil the water for a good Green tea

I am always using a digital food thermometer just to be sure that the water has the correct temperature.

I wouldn´t use the microwave because the tea will lose his fragrance and nice aroma, besides it is harder to detect the correct temperature, the water will be boiling very fast in a short time.

Tip 2: Make Three Infusions!

You can and should use your tea bag up to three or even four times. It is a mistake to throw away the tea bag after the first infusion. You will notice that the second and third infusion are actually tasting sweeter. In Japan, they say that the first infusion is for the enemy, the second for your friend, and the last one for yourself. It can also happen that the first isn´t even served but thrown away because it is a little stronger and more bitter that the second and third.


You can regulate that by heating less the water and steep it less time.

An example of the procedure for three infusions is:

Use 1 teaspoon of tea per cup of water

  1. Infusion: Steep the Green tea for 2 minutes in 82ºC / 179 F of hot water
  2. Infusion: Steep the Green tea for 1.30 minutes at 85ºC / 185 F of hot water
  3. Infusion: Steep the Green tea for 45 seconds in 87ºC / 189 F of hot water

After these 3 infusions, you have really well utilized your tea.


Tip 3: Don´t Add Sugar!

This is a crucial tip for knowing how to make a Green tea for weight loss. Sugar is the main cause of obesity, diabetes, liquid retention, and heart attacks. Traditionally, no sugar is added to Green Tea, besides of modifying the flavor, it looses all its fat burning and weight losing qualities. If you are really serious about losing weight and getting fit don´t use much sugar, and avoid it in your beverages, especially tea.

How To Make A Green Tea For Weight Loss
High Quality Green Tea

Once you start drinking tea without sugar you will feel the difference. It makes you feel lighter and fresher without it. For many persons, it is like adding sugar to your glass of wine. You don´t do that, it would just destroy the taste of the wine and you wouldn´t enjoy it the same way.

The same is happening with Green tea, it is best and tastiest in its natural form, without adding any sweeteners or sugar.

Tip 4: Choose A High-Quality Tea!

I always recommend to choose a high-quality tea, even if it is a little more expensive than normal ones. You will enjoy the difference of the taste and its beneficial properties. Besides, you ensure yourself that it is produced under controlled and original procedures.

How To Make A Green Tea For Weight Loss
Select only the best ones

The plants are of high quality and they are grown at appropriate places under right climatic conditions to ensure the best end product.

Tip 5: Drink Enough Of It!

It is not enough to know how to make a Green tea for weight loss, but also knowing how much to drink.

The key is in constantly drinking Green tea. It should be a habit, that means drink it minimum five times a week, even better if you consume it daily. It is better if you are not drinking more than ten cups a day, but sincerely, I drink maximum five, after that I am fine. Drink it in combination with water to augment the purification and fat burning effect.


Please keep in mind that you need to follow a nutrition plan together with your workouts to have an optimum result. Drinking green tea alone won´t give you the outcome that you are looking for. Combining a healthy nutrition with a workout routine is the key to achieving your goals in a short and a long term.

This is all for now. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about how to make a Green tea for weight loss. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will answer you as soon as I possibly can.

Ciao for now!

Talk to you soon.




  1. Hey Simon!

    Love this post – I had no idea how beneficial green tea was in terms of promoting longevity and helping with heart health and so on. Also, I myself have tried to drink it but have always found it to be too bitter for my taste. However, now I know that this is because I’ve only used the tea bag once! Furthermore, I always boil my water – who knew you weren’t supposed to add tea when the water is fully boiled!
    Anyways, I will definitely get back into the green tea habit 🙂 So excited!


    • Dear Martina,

      thank you very much for your comments. I am happy that you now how to prepare a green tea correctly.

      You got the point! The bitterness of the tea comes from boiling the water and from the first infusion.

      I am happy to know that you are going back to your healthy tea habit!

      Happy New Year!



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