HIIT Workout Routine For Women: Burn Fat Fast!

HIIT Workout Routine For Women

HIIT Workout Routine For Women: Burn Fat Fast!

If you are looking for an HIIT Workout Routine For Women then you are in the right place! Congratulations! The following 5 exercises will work your whole body. This routine is perfect for losing weight, burning fat, get in shape and gaining functional strength which will help you for your daily activities.

HIIT Workout Routine For Women: Burn Fat Fast!

For this routine, I have chosen 5 exercises to do for you. It should be performed as circuit training, that means that you start with the jumping rope and end with the Jumping Jacks. After that, you start over again. At the beginning, you should do minimum 2 sets and after some weeks 3-5 even up to 10.

First Exercise: Jumping Rope


HIIT Workout Routine For Women
The Jumping Rope Works Your Whole Body And Is A Perfect Warm-Up

Start by jumping for about 1 -2 minutes. The jumping rope is an aerobic exercise which is a fantastic complete workout. Using it is simple, and fun to do. It does not even really seem like exercising. It is also a wise decision when choosing an exercising routine to pick something that is fun. You will feel that your whole body is activated and that you start sweating if you do it intensely.

You will need some practice to perform all the different combinations and steps, but after a while, you will learn the coordination and challenge yourself because it is simply funny.

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the…

Second Exercise: Mountain Climbers

HIIT Workout Routine For Women
Fantastic Exercise to Work Your Legs, Booty, and Core

This one is one of my favorite exercises when I want to sweat and burn fat fast. As you can see and feel, this exercise is an HIIT and full body workout by itself! If you aren´t sweating right now, after this one you will!

By doing the mountain climbers you will activate your whole body. Your arms, shoulders and chest, your core, and your legs are going to be fully engaged. 

Do about 1 minute of mountain climbers or about 50 steps in total.

Don´t forget to breathe deeply whilst doing this exercise, you can do it a little faster than the other exercises. Depending on your level, you can ever do it very fast, like if you would be running.

Take a rest of 15-20 seconds and drink some more fresh water. Now we will go to the next exercise….

Third Exercise: Push Ups


HIIT Workout Routine For Women
Push Ups Work Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Core

Perform about 5-15 push-ups, depending on your level. Don´t place your hands wider than your shoulders in order to protect your joints. If they are too difficult for you, just do them in a more inclined position, with your hands on a bench or a chair.

Push Ups are working your triceps, your shoulders, and your core. Don´t forget to breathe in a constant rhythm whilst going up and down. Go down slower than you go up.

To give it a more HIIT effect, perform them quicker than you would normally do, but without losing the control, the movement needs to be complete!

You will burn fat and lose weight very quickly.  At this point, you should already feel that your heart rate is much higher and that you muscles are activated now. Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the….

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the….

Fourth Exercise: Squats

HIIT Workout Routine For Women
Squats Work Your Whole Body, But Mainly Your Legs And Booty

Do about 10 to 20 squats after the push ups.

Squats work mainly your booty and your legs! Even your core is involved which makes them a great full body exercise and perfectly indicated for this HIIT workout routine for women. They are a basic movement and they are fantastic because they will help you to get rid of fat quicker than you would think.

Take another rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the….

Fifth Exercise: Jumping Jacks

HIIT Workout Routine For Women



This exercise is a classic for fat burning. It is perfect for our HIIT workout routine for women because it is a real cardio exercise which involves nearly if not all of your muscles.

Do about 20 jumping jacks. Don´t forget to breathe correctly in an out and keep your feet close. Don´t make the jump wider than your shoulder width.

Congratulations! You just finished the first round of this HIIT workout routine for women.

You should do minimum 2 rounds and up to 10, depending on your level. I can promise you that if you go on with this routine for a month and do it 5 times a week, you will have great results in terms of fat burning, losing weight and increasing your positive energy.

Last Exercise: Meditating

When you have finished all the exercises and all the circuits, please take a yoga mat or your favorite pillow and…..

HIIT Workout Routine For Women
Take 5 Minutes to Relax Yourself

meditate for 5 minutes. You have done great! You completed all the exercises and did it once again! Congratulations! Now you can take time for yourself again to relax your mind, body, and soul.

You don´t need to do anything special, just focus and listen to your breathing. You don´t need to modify it, it will adjust itself. Just focus on it and feel the aliveness in your body.

Just keep on breathing and don´t think about anything else. It can wait 5 minutes. You will feel lighter, fresher, more energetic and relieved from everything around you.  You have done a great job!


The Jumping Rope Can Help You Losing Fat and Getting In Shape Fast

As you have seen in this HIIT workout routine for women the jumping rope accelerates the fat burning effect and helps you to gain overall strength. I prefer it over running because it’s easier on my joints and I can stay at the same place without moving. Besides I like the effect that it works out the rest of my body, not only the legs. You will start sweating very fast, if you do it intensively and get better after a while. It is really funny because it requires coordination, and you can always add new combinations. I have chosen some of the best jumping ropes at Amazon for you and done a product review about them. Click the following link to see my article! .Amazon has the best prices and good quality ropes right now.

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HIIT Workout Routine For Women
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leg workout routine for women

This is all for now, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about this HIIT workout for women. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer you as soon as I can.




  1. Thank you for this post! It seems doable and simple enough to follow. I can already tell that following this routine can help me achieve my weight goals. I have already bookmarked your site so I could go back to the guide as well as check out your other practical tips. All the best to howtogetinshape.

    • Hi Cassia, thank you very much. This routine is absolutely effective. I am a man, and I also do it. It s perfect for fat burning and dropping weight. Besides, it increases your stamina.

      Ciao Simon

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