Hidden Sugar Foods List: Learn It!

Hidden Sugar Sources

Hidden Sugar Foods List: Learn It!

I think that this is one of the most important topics when it comes down to learning about nutrition and fitness is knowing and having a hidden sugar foods list . We can follow an amazing diet plan and a specific workout system trying to avoid sugar in any form, but without knowing that some of our “healthy” meals are full of it.

Nowadays it is well known that sugar is the Number 1 contributor to rapidly increasing fat in our bodies, coming along with severe health issues like diabetes, hyperactivity, osteoporosis, cancer, heart and brain strokes, besides it is tremendously addictive.

Hidden Sugar Foods List
Sugar is hidden nearly everywhere!

When buying products, you can get confused easily because sugar is camouflaged with different names like, maltodextrin, saccharin, dextrose, glucose, dextran, barley malt, syrup, maltose, fructose, treacle, molasses, invert sugar, grape sugar, organic raw sugar, caramel, cane juice crystals, muscovado, lactose, panocha, and néctar.

As you can see, the producers are trying to avoid that we detect the hidden sugar using another name for it on the product labels.

Did you know that the average person is consuming about 40kg / 88 lbs of sugar every year! That is about 100 grams / 4 ounces a day! Just to make the comparison, that’s about 8 tablespoons a day!

Hidden Sugar Foods List – What Foods are in it?

This list includes the most important foods where sugar is hidden, the first one is…..

1. Milk and Yogurt

It doesn´t matter if it is skimmed milk, low-fat milk, goat milk, or even almond milk. In 100 milliliters of milk/yogurt, there are about 4 grams of sugar! That is about 2 teaspoons!

Hidden Sugar Foods List
There is more sugar in milk than we think!

A nice alternative for milk and yoghurt is Kéfir. It is an absolutely natural product and done with kéfir grains. These grains are fermenting the milk till it gets a creamy consistency. It is the most natural probiotic drink available and full of rich proteins, minerals, and vitamins. The most important thing about it is, that the kéfir bacterias are eliminating the lactose (milk sugar) in the milk. That is why Kéfir is also a fabulous alternative for lactose intolerant people.

2. Coffee and Tea

I bet you are surpised to see this in the hidden sugar foods list! Not the tea and coffee itself has hidden sugar in it, but what we add! Coffee and Tea are very good fat burners because they increase our metabolic rate, the “mistake” comes from adding sugar and milk. Milk stops coffee from giving its fat burning effect, and if we add sugar then we destroy it completely. If we drink two coffees with sugar, we have already consumed 8-10 grams of sugar! The alternative is using a sweetener as Stevia or even drink it without sugar. Stay away from canned green tea. Do it by yourself at home.

3. Fruit and Fruit Juices

There is no need to say that fruit is very healthy for us because of the abundance of vitamins. On the other hand, fruit is full of sugar, if our goal is to loose belly fat or weight, we shouldn´t abuse of it. The best quantity is about two or three pieces of fruit before midday.

Hidden Sugar Foods List
Don´t drink too much fruit juices if you want to burn fat!

Fruit juices, even if they are not coming from a no-concentrated source contain a lot of sugar as well. The sugar content is similar to a soft drink, so be careful with the “healthy” fruit juices.

4. Cereals and Cereal Bars

Many kinds of cereal for breakfast are seemingly healthy, but full of sugar, about 40%! You think you are having a breakfast full of vitamins and nutrients which help you to lose fat and get in shape, without knowing that the dextrose, maltodextrin, glucose which is mentioned on the label, is in reality, nothing else than sugar! Be careful what you choose, even if the seems to be the best and known brand and producer doesn´t mean that it is the healthiest one. Keep an eye on the carbohydrates and how much of them are coming from a sugar source. I prefer to buy plain oatmeal and add some fresh fruit by myself, I have much better control of how much fruit sugar I eat.

5. Soda Drinks

Nowadays it is generally known that any kind of soft drink is full of sugar, by full I mean full! There are about 40 grams of sugar in a normal can! That is 20 teaspoons!

The best alternative and it shouldn´t be an alternative because it’s the main drink we should have, is simply water!

6. Vinegar

Would you have thought that Vinegar is in the hidden sugar foods list? Apple vinegar is absolutely helpful for us when we are burning fat. A glass of warm water and two tablespoons of apple vinegar helps us to regulate our insulin and accelerating our metabolism when we drink it in the morning before breakfast. Vinegar is not Vinegar.

Hidden Sugar Foods List
Balsamico has sugar in it

I am Italian and I love Balsamico Vinegar, but the truth is that it contains sugar. In 100 milliliter there are 15 grams of sugar, so be careful when adding it to your salad dressing. The best alternative is fresh lemon juice or Apple vinegar.

7. Protein Shakes

Most Protein Shakes really have a lot of protein, but what they also contain a lot is sugar! All weight gainers are normally full of sugar, we gain weight, thinking that it is lean muscle, but in reality, we have gained more fat that we wanted.

When you use protein shakes, always buy high-quality shakes, and if possible from non-animal sources as they contain much less sugar and fat!

Click here to see my product review about the best protein powder for vegetarian women which is very low on sugar!

Generally, use your common sense to identify foods that can contain sugar, the labels are often confusing. Diet, low fat, or 0% fat products often contain a lot of sugar even if they haven´t so much fat.

Carefully read the nutrition table with the ingredients to detect what is really inside. If you eat between two or three pieces of fresh fruit a day, you have enough sugar for the whole day.

This is all for now, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article of the hidden sugar foods list and the benefits of knowing about it. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  1. Nutrition is a very important part of our lives,so it is crucial to get it right. I have enjoyed reading all the articles on this site and found them to be of very high quality, very informative such as the sugar article. I was very impressed by the hidden sugars in milk, it really opened my eyes,all the different names for sugar is amazing an amazing information. I enjoyed the information on KEFIR and wondered what this product is and where you might get it.

    The fat burning meal plan for women is also very interesting. I will be using this for the future and tell you about my results. The post about “How to make a Green tea for weight loss” was also very informative.

    I will definitely bookmark this webpage for the future. I am looking forward to read more of your articles in the future.

    • Dear Gareth,

      thank you very much for your comments and questions. Thank you very much for your feedback on my site, I love when I can help and visitors are learing something important.

      Kefir is a living organism which nourish itself from the sugar in the milk. It comes from Tibet and is used nowadays still as a healing elixir. It is used a lot in the Eastern Europe and as it grows, family members and friends make it as a gift when they have enough. You don´t buy Kefir! Maybe you can get it at a creamery store or you can find in the internet communites where the members interchange it. It depends on the region you are living.

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

      Hope to see you soon again!


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