Full Body Routine For Women: Get In Shape Now!

Best Cardio Workout For Women
Lunges Will Work Your Booty And Legs

Full Body Routine For Women: Get In Shape Now!

If you are looking for a Full Body Routine For Women then you are in the right place! Congratulations! The following 7 exercises will work your whole body. This routine is perfect for losing weight, burning fat, get in shape and gaining functional strength which will help you for your daily activities.

Full Body Routine For Women: Get In Shape Now!

For this routine, I have chosen 7 exercises to do for you. It should be performed as circuit training, that means that you start with the jumping rope and end with the Plank. After that, you start over again. At the beginning, you should do minimum 2 sets and after some weeks 3-5.

First Exercise: Jumping Rope

Full Body Routine For Women
The Jumping Rope Works Your Whole Body And Is A Perfect Warm-Up


Start by jumping for about 1 -2 minutes. The jumping rope is an aerobic exercise which is a fantastic complete workout. Rope moving is simple, and fun to do. It does not even really seem like exercising. It is also a wise decision when choosing an exercising routine to pick something that is fun. You will feel that your whole body is activated and that you start sweating if you do it intensely.

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the…

Second Exercise: Squats

Full Body Routine For Women
Squats Work Your Whole Body, But Mainly Your Legs And Booty

Do about 10 to 20 squats after the jumping rope. Squats work mainly your booty and your legs! Even your core is involved which makes them a great full body exercise. They are quickly ignored by a lot of individuals, but they are fantastic because they get rid of fat quicker than you would think.

Take another rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the….

Third Exercise: Push Ups

Full Body Routine For Women
Push Ups Work Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Core

Perform about 5-15 push-ups, depending on your level. Don´t place your hands wider than your shoulders in order to protect your joints. If they are too difficult for you, just do them in a more inclined position, with your hands on a bench or a chair.

Push Ups are working your triceps, your shoulders, and your core. Don´t forget to breathe in a constant rhythm whilst going up and down. Go down slower than you go up.

You will burn fat and lose weight very quickly.  At this point, you should already feel warmed up. Your muscles are activated now.

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the….

Fourth Exercise: Lunges

Full Body Routine For Women
Lunges Work Your Legs And Booty

You should do about 10 lunges for each leg. I would switch the leg after each step to use the same amount of energy in a balanced way. This exercise will engage your booty, your rectus femoris, and your quadriceps. Besides, it works your core and resistance.

This exercise is a perfect fat burner, even more in combination with the other exercises.

Rest again for 10-15 seconds and do the next exercise…..

Fifth Exercise: Dips

This exercise will work mainly your triceps, shoulders, and core muscles.

Do about 5-15 dips, depending on your fitness level.

Full Body Routine For Women
Dips Work Your Arms And Core

Dips will give you a lot of functional strength for your daily activities. Focus on breathing in whilst going down and breathing out whilst pushing you up.

Keep your booty and your arms straight without moving them too much, focus on your arms, shoulders, and core, these muscles should do the work!

Sixth Exercise: Leg Raisers

The Leg Raisers are a crucial component for this full body routine for women.

Full Body Routine For Women
Leg Raisers Work Your Core And Legs

This exercise works mainly your ab muscles and your legs. Do about 10-20 of this exercise. The core is one of the most important parts of our body. It stabilizes our upper body and gives us strength to perform all the other exercises. 

Besides, a good looking core and flat belly is always nice to have whilst wearing a bikini or a new dress!

Now turn directly around and do the……

Seventh Exercise: Plank

The plank will work absolutely your whole core, shoulders, arms, legs, and if you focus on it, even your booty!

Full Body Routine For Women
The Last Exercise for This Routine

The plank will give you a little rest from the other exercises, but you will keep on burning and engaging your whole body.

You don´t need to move, just hold the position in the picture and breathe deeply in an out.

Done! Congratulations! You have achieved the first round of the routine.

Depending on your level, do about 1-9 more rounds.

You can do this routine for 20 minutes up to an hour! Yes, you can do it daily and I promise you that you will see results very quickly if you want to lose weight, get stronger, and feel better! This will even increase your libido, so I wouldn´t wait any longer! Your husband, boyfriend, or friends will ask you what you are doing to get in shape!

The Jumping Rope Can Help You Losing Fat and Bring Out Your Abs

As you have seen, the jumping rope accelerates the fat burning effect and helps you to gain overall strength. I prefer it over running because it’s easier on my joints and I can stay at the same place without moving. Besides I like the effect that it works out the rest of my body, not only the legs. I have chosen some of the best jumping ropes at Amazon for you and done a product review about them. Click the following link to see the article.  Amazon has the best prices and good quality ropes right now.

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Jumping ropes for women

This is all for now, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about the full body routine for women. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer you as soon as I can.




  1. Hi there,
    I am very interested in this article as I like the simplicity of it and the fact that women can do it from home without the added extra cost of paying expensive gym fees.
    It can be easily completed in a matter of minutes and is something to aim for.
    I will definitely recommned this website, for sure.
    Thanks again for sharing
    Cheers and best wishes
    Philip Browne

    • Hi Phil, the best exercises mostly are the most simple ones. What doesn’t mean that it isn’t challenging. If you try it out, you will see by yourself!



  2. Nice illustrations on some great body weight exercises. Demonstrates big muscle group exercises that would help with weight loss. I think diet is a big part of that as well but exercise is essential for a lot of reasons. And jumping rope is a great cardio workout as well. nice job

    • Thank you Patricia, the exercises are simple but very effective for weight loss. The jumping rope is key to burn fat and warm up.



  3. I really enjoyed your post about getting in shape now for women. The whole post was very easy to follow and the animated videos give a good idea of how to perform each technique. Now I just have to get myself motivated and to keep at it. I will just have to plan to look at this post each morning to get me going.

    • Hi Angela, I have created it to be easy to follow and very visual.

      This routine will bring you great results if you do it constantly.



  4. Man this article is great. My wife loves working out, it clears her head and relieves her stress. But, she works like 24/7 so she really doesn’t find time to make it to the gym. But the exercises you provided can be done from home which is so cool. This is very helpful and definitely going to show her this website.

    • Hi Garret, thank you very much for your comments. Yes, the exercises are simple and the whole routine is challenging.

      You can do some rounds from the circuit training in just 15-20 minutes and it is perfect for doing it at home.

      Have a great day!



  5. Is there any workout that women can do for belly fat after pregnancy? It is incredibly difficult to reduce belly fat and muffin top. But either way, great post. Definitely works out all parts of the body without equipment! I love not using equipment because sometimes my body weight is enough.

    • Hi Liz, this workout is perfect for losing belly fat after pregnancy. It is a full body workout which will attack the unwanted belly fat. You don´t need any weights to get in shape, with your bodyweight you have more than enough as you can increase the intensity to your level.



  6. WOW! I’m so trying it this today! I have been looking for a nice day-to-day exercise routine for a while. I think this is it, that is a right one!
    I like that I can totally do it at home!
    What do you think is the best time to do this exercises – morning or evening?

    • Hi Soby, thank you! The exercises are easy but very effective, especially if you are looking for dropping weight. It can be done perfectly at home and every day if you want.

      You can do it in the morning or in the evening. In the morning on empty stomach, only drink some cups of water, it burns directly fat but it will be harder to do 🙂

      I am happy that you have found your routine!



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