Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women: Burn The Fat Away!

Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
The Rowing Machine Is An Effective All Round Workout

Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women: Burn The Fat Away!

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women! Congratulations! You will see that this routine is simple and that you can do it perfectly at home. It can be very challenging depending on the intensity and effort you put into it. You can do this routine daily if you are serious about getting in shape, losing weight and burning fat. You can also combine it with the other recommended workout routines on this site.

Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women: Burn The Fat Away!

Good For: Burning Fat, Losing Weight, Increase Metabolism, Improve Sleep and Rest, Relax The Mind, Balance Hormones, Increase Libido, Increase Well-Being

We are going to do full body workouts to ensure that we will activate all the muscles in our bodies. We will do this workout routine as a circuit training, that means that we do the first exercise which is the rowing machine in this case and we will end with the plank. After the plank, we start over again with the rowing machine.

We should do about 2-10 rounds of this routine, depending on our fitness level.

First Exercise: Rowing Machine

Start rowing for 3 -5 minutes. The rowing machine is one of the completest exercises, especially if you are looking forward to getting in shape. It easier on your joints and knees than running, and you can do it at home. It activates about 87 percent of your body, that means that your metabolic rate is increased, and that is the base for losing fat. See it by yourself!

You will feel that your whole body is activated, especially your bootyarms, and back.


Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
The Rowing Machine Is An Effective All Round Workout

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the…

Second Exercise: Dips

Do about 10-12 Dips

Dips will give you a lot of functional strength which you will need for your day to day activities. Focus on breathing in whilst going down and breathing out whilst pushing you up.

You can do the dips on a bench, a chair or the sofa.

Keep your core flexed whilst doing this exercise, it will increase the stability and help you getting stronger. If you don´t go down till the bottom, don´t worry! At the beginning, you can go down till 90 degrees, later on, when you get stronger and lighter, you can go down further like in the moving image above.

Keep your booty and your arms straight without moving them too much, focus on your arms, shoulders, and core, these muscles should do the work!


Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women

Now you can take another rest of 10-15 seconds and go to the next exercise.

Third Exercise: Leg Raisers

This exercise works completely your ab muscles and your legs.

Do about 10-20 of this exercise. The core is one of the most important parts of our body. It stabilizes our upper body and gives us strength to perform all the other exercises. 

Besides, a good looking core and flat belly is always nice to have whilst wearing a bikini or a new dress!


Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
Leg Raisers Work Your Core And Legs

Take a rest of 10-20 seconds, drink some water and go on with…..

Fourth Exercise: Push Ups

Perform about 5-15 push-ups, depending on your level.

Don´t place your hands wider than your shoulders in order to protect your joints. If they are too difficult for you, just do them in a more inclined position, with your hands on a bench or a chair.

Push Ups are working your triceps, your shoulders, and your core. Don´t forget to breathe in a constant rhythm whilst going up and down. Go down slower than you go up.

This exercise is a basic whole body training, especially indicated for this free full body workout routine for women.


Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
Push Ups Work Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Core

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the….

Fifth Exercise: Plank

The plank will give you a little rest from the other exercises, but you will keep on burning and engaging your whole body.

You don´t need to move, just hold the position in the picture and breathe deeply in an out.

At this point, your abs should be burning! 

Your shoulders, back, core and arms are burning and working now for you. Try to hold this position about 20-45 seconds.


Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
This Exercise Will Engage Your Arms, Shoulders and Core Muscles

Done! Congratulations! You have achieved the first round of the routine.

Depending on your level, do about 1-9 more rounds.

You can do this routine for 20 minutes up to an hour! Yes, you can do it daily and I promise you that you will see results very quickly if you want to lose weight, get stronger, and feel better!  Your whole body will be stronger and in a few weeks, you will feel and see a big difference.

Do a selfie of yourself in front of the mirror, do this routine and do another selfie in exact the same position! See the difference. You can even share it in this site to show your results and motivate others to follow your example!  

When you have completed all the sets you should do the last exercise which is really important to make you feel better!


Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
Take 5 Minutes to Relax Yourself

Now I want you to sit down on your mat and meditate for 5 minutes. You have done great! You completed all the exercises and did it once again! Congratulations! Now you can take time for yourself again to relax your mind, body, and soul.

You don´t need to do anything special, just focus and listen to your breathing. You don´t need to modify it, it will adjust itself. Just focus on it and feel the aliveness in your body.

Just keep on breathing and don´t think about anything else. It can wait 5 minutes. You will feel lighter, fresher, more energetic and relieved from everything around you.  You have done a great job!

Best All Round Workout At Home: The Rowing Machine

As you have seen, this workout today included using the rowing machine because it is a really complete exercise which involves nearly your whole body. It is especially indicated if you don´t have much time to go to the gym. With just 20 minutes a day, you will be having greatest results. If you are looking for fat burning, losing weight, getting in shape and lose belly fat I would click the following link to go directly to my review page where I explain in much more detail all the benefits this machine has.

upper body routine for women
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Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
Rowing is a perfect fat burning exercise!

This is all for now, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about this free full body workout routine for women. If you have any questions, or if you want to share your progress, please leave a comment below and I will answer you as soon as I can.




  1. That is a great workout routine. You have covered a little bit of everything. Rowing is such a great all around exercise to do. It involves cardio as well as upper and lower body. I like to test myself and see how far I can get in 2-minute intervals. The other exercises are great body weight exercises. It’s amazing how much good body weight exercises do. They work on core, and just about every muscle group, especially push ups.

    • Hi, thank you for your comments. This routine will burn fat and make you stronger, especially for your daily to day activities.



  2. Hi, thank you for your interesting article. I have just recently joined a gym and have always stayed away from the rowing machine, thinking it didn’t do much. But after reading your article im defiantly going to give it a try. I really like your easy to follow exercises as well and will be implementing them into my exercise routine. Thanks again Joanne

    • Hi Rob, thank you for your input. Try it for yourself, the rowing machine is great! You will feel and see the effects in just a few weeks. Combined with the other exercises you will see how you transform your body.



  3. Hi Simon,
    I love the routines you have. They are very descriptive and adding moving visuals help demonstrate how to do them. Your flow is good and the explanation at the beginning helps people see what they can get from this workout. I would love to see more of your workouts so I can recommend them to my friends who are looking for some great rowing exercises. I love to row and think it’s a fantastic workout to gain muscle and lose weight.



    • Hi Devon, thank you very much for your comments. The visuals help a lot to understand better how to perform the exercises. The rowing machine is a complete whole body workout which everybody can do.



  4. I know I’m not a woman. lol. But I have a sister who has been looking to really find a way to do some exercise that can burn fat quickly. She just has a slight problem motivating. Of course, motivation is one of the hardest things when it comes to exercise. I’ll refer her to your site, though, and see if it inspires her to want to exercise more.

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