Do Ab Wheels Really Work? Benefits Of The Ab Wheel

do ab wheels really work?
Ab Wheels Work Perfectly!

Do Ab Wheels Really Work? Benefits Of The Ab Wheel

Today we are going to answer the question: do ab wheels really work and what are the benefits of the ab wheel?

The ab wheel focuses as the name says on our abs, but it can do much more than that! From my own experience, I can strongly recommend you that if you want to achieve a shaped and strong core that the ab wheel mustn´t be missing from your workout equipment.

Do Ab Wheels Really Work
The ab wheel can shape your abs perfectly!

I can promise you that the ab wheel will bring your abs and core workouts to the next level! It is so effective that you will feel the engagement of your abs till your very last fiber.

It depends on your goal and what benefits of the ab wheel you are looking for. If you think that by using the ab wheel alone you will drop weight significantly you are wrong. It is a great contributor to losing weight and getting in shape but you need to combine it with a good nutrition and workout schedule. In combination with the correct food and workouts, the benefits of the ab wheel are tremendous.

Do Ab Wheels Really Work? Benefits Of The Ab Wheel

It Shapes Your Core

The first answer to the question do ab wheels really work is: Yes! Ab wheels do really work because it is one of the best exercises you can do if you want to work out your abs. The rolling motion engages your complete core, and the isometric movement will shape your abs and make them really strong.

It looks really easy to do the different exercises but when you try them you will feel that it is much harder than it looks.

The good thing is that you can adjust the difficulty by using your knees to make the exercise easier or on your feet which will make it much harder.

After some months of working with it, you will see the difference in the mirror, your core will be much stronger and your abs will be much more shaped and your belly fat will be much less.

It Helps You To Lose Weight

One of the most important benefits of the ab wheel is that it helps you to lose weight. It is clear that the top contributor to your weight losing goal is yourself, that means your constancy, your motivation, and your engagement, but the ab wheel can do so much for you to help you achieving that goal.

Do ab wheels really work?
The ab wheel will help you lose a lot of weight!

Through the engagement of your whole body, your metabolic rate rises to its peak levels. If it is done fast it becomes a cardio workout which will make you sweat a lot and accelerate the weight loosing process.

It Increases Your Overall Strenght

You need to hold your body and your core straight in order to perform the ab wheel correctly and without hurting yourself. Your forearms, back, shoulders, arms, lower back, and legs and your booty will be engaged as well as your abs. You need your whole body to execute the ab wheel and use it as a tool. By engaging all your muscles your overall strength will increase which will improve the performance of other exercises which you do.

It Engages Your Arms And Shoulders

Many people think that the ab wheel only engages the core muscles, but in reality, the ab wheel also engages your arms and shoulders.

do ab wheels really work
The ab wheel will also shape your arms and shoulders!

Your triceps and biceps need to work to hold your position stable and in order that you don´t fall because of losing your balance. The shoulders hold your body firm off the ground and allow you to move forward and backward. It is the ultimate finisher after your workout.

It Strengthens Your Lower Back

In order to have a strong core, you need a strong back and especially a strong lower back. The lower back holds your core stable and is the antagonist for your abs. It is so important that if you have a weak lower back you won´t be able to do many workout exercises correctly, besides of a bad posture. With a strong lower back your vertebral spine will be vertical and in the exact natural healthy position. The lower back is also called the “column holder” because it is the muscles closest to the column which protects and supports it. Having a strong lower back permits you to have a correct posture, avoiding back and neck pains.

It Increases Your Metabolism

One of the most important benefits of the ab wheel that we need to mention is that it increases your metabolism. By engaging your whole body, especially your core, your metabolism will increase considerably, that means that you will burn calories much faster, and because of that……

It Burns Fat

all the muscles are activated and you will break your sweat. You can have a really strong core muscles but if you have too much belly fat, you won´t see them.

do ab wheels really work
One of the big benefits of the ab wheel is that it burns fat!

Besides of shaping your abs, it reduces weight and fat. The ab wheel alone won´t do all the work, a lot of it, but not all! It is a really important equipment for your workout, it is a fat burner which will help you considerably achieving your goals of getting in shape, strengthening your core, and burning fat.

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This is all for now, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about the benefits of the ab wheel and that I have solved your doubt: do ab wheels really work? If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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