Best Wild Yam Supplement: Product Review

best wild yam supplement

Best Wild Yam Supplement: Product Review

Today we are going to talk about the best wild yam supplement. We hear a lot about wild yams in the holistic herbal community. Let’s get one thing straight about these herbal supplements; it is not a hormonal replacement therapy. Although often boosted for its supposed menopausal relief factors, many wild yam products do not specifically indicate that they aid in these unscientifically based claims. Nature’s Way Wild Yam vagi cap primarily offer to alleviate digestive issues.

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Amazon consumers rate Nature’s Way product at 4 ½ stars, with 66% of consumers giving it a 5-star rating. Google reviewers further rate the product at a steady 4 ½ stars. In terms of best wild yam supplements that are currently available on the market, this particular product is topping the product review lists. It is highly recommended by previous consumers and evidently provides varying degrees of health improvements.

The Company Behind The Very Highly Rated Wild Yam Vegi Caps: Nature’s Way.

Nature’s Way Company’s website claims to be “America’s leader in herbal medicine for over 40 years.” The company has a wide array of herbal brands including Enzymatic Therapy and Wellness. Nature’s Way states that their labels specifically match the ingredients that go into each and every product. They use TRU-ID certification for all their products to have an acting third party authenticate their labeling claims. TRU-ID utilizes “cutting-edge DNA biotechnology to ensure the authenticity” of herbal products. It backs up the company’s credibility and the reliability of their products. Their products, such as their Wild Yam vagi caps, can thus be accredited to be some of the highest quality herbal products on the market today.

best wild yam supplements
The Product Receives The Best Ratings on Amazon

As a consumer, it is in your best interest to be well-informed about a product prior to purchase. Many of Nature’s Way’s products are non-GMO. This means the majority of their products, which can be spotted via the non-GMO project label on individual bottles, are not genetically modified. This includes their Wild Yam supplements. Nature’s Way Wild Yam supplement contains wild yam root and plant-derived capsule magnesium stearate. Nature’s Way states that it contains no artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, corn, dairy products, gluten, or preservatives. The transparency that Nature’s Way provides to its customers specifically in terms of ingredients makes for a very trustworthy brand name.

Best Wild Yam Supplement: What Does It Do?

There is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to wild yam. The most common myth is that it can replace progesterone, a female sex hormone, in the body. Wild yam can be converted to progesterone in a laboratory setting but consuming wild yam as it is will not reproduce the effects that progesterone has on the body. Wild yam can, on the other hand, relieve muscle spasms and digestive issues. In its role as being antispasmodic, it can aid in easing menstrual cramping and labor pains for women. Generally, wild yam can possibly help any condition where muscle relaxation is key. However, it has traditionally been used to decrease uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Individuals with gastrointestinal problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, have reported moderate relief after consuming wild yam products.

best wild yam supplement
Supplement Facts

Despite the scientific evidence lacking the support of wild yam being useful in decreasing menopausal symptoms for women, many consumers actually reported it being very effective at alleviating hot flashes. Many Amazon customer reviews stated that since they started taking the Nature’s Way wild yam supplement they have had no hot flashes. Other consumers expressed their skepticism in regards to the product at first. Upon purchase and consumption, these individuals claimed to be ordering the Nature Way’s wild yam product for the second time. Furthermore, some customers commented that they took it to alleviate back pain and muscle tightness. The result? They reported finding this herbal product to decrease their pain and soreness in relation to their lower back issues.

Can There Be Negative Side Effects?

Amazon reviews totaled at 73 positive reviews and 23 negative reviews. Most negative reviews simply stated that the product did not work for them. However, anything taken in high dosages can cause problems. Large amounts can cause vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Nature’s Way recommends taking 2 capsules of their wild yam product with food daily. 2 capsules contain 850 mg of the wild yam root. Like most supplements, it is not recommended for children. The company specifically advises those who are pregnant, nursing, or on other medications to consult a healthcare professional prior to usage of its herbal wild yam product. It is further advised to consult your physician if any side effects do occur.

best wild yam supplement
The Ingredients Are Non-GMO

How Does Nature’s Way Wild Yam Compare To Other Wild Yam Products?

Many other wild yam products can come in the form of a cream or bottled tinctures. Creams have been significantly advertised as relieving menopausal symptoms. Tinctures and capsules can often provide a more accurate measure of dosage. There has also been wide debate over the effect and extent that cream products absorption via the skin can have compared to oral ingestion of the herb. Wild yam creams are, however, another very popular option amongst female consumers.

If you are looking for a convenient and easy way to take wild yam as a herbal remedy, Nature’s Way Wild Yam vagi caps may be just the product for you! Through all-natural and non-GMO methods, Nature’s Way offers transparency in terms of ingredients and overall quality products. The company’s wild yam vagi caps can arguably be considered one of the best wild yam supplements around.

Consumer reviews rave about its varying health benefits and effects. Despite evidence that proves otherwise, many women boost that it can alleviate menopausal symptoms and menstrual pains. It, further, has positive digestive effects. The product is available on shelves at local retailers such as Whole Foods or can be purchased online via Amazon. Amazon offers the vagi caps at $8.56 USD for 100 capsules or $10.00 for 180 capsules. Reasonably priced and convenient to purchase, Nature’s Way Wild Yam supplements are only a few clicks of the mouse away. Buy yours today and reap the health benefits this highly rated supplement has to offer.

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best wild yam supplement

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  1. This article is extremely interesting. As a women facing a menopause I have been looking for some natural ways of relieving the symptoms of sleeplessness and hot flushes. As a vegetarian I’m happy to know these Wild Yam capsules don’t contain any animal products!

    I was wondering though if you can use these together with a wild yam cream? I have just bought one and am bit worries about a possible conflict.

    • Hello,

      thank you for your comments. Wild Yam is being used by ancient civilizations for its healing properties, especially for women.

      No worries about using it together with the cream. There won’t be any conflicts if you apply it as indicated by the manufacturer.




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