Best Rowing Machines For Women: Product Review

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Rowing is a perfect fat burning exercise!

Best Rowing Machines For Women: Product Review

Today I am going to make a review of, in my opinion, the best rowing machines for women. To be more specific, I am going to break it down to only one product because I have used it by myself and it is at the moment the best one in the market that you can find.

I have been rowing for about two years and I had really great results in terms of building lean muscles and fitness.

Let’s see what the benefits of rowing are:

You engage about 87 percent of your whole body, that means that you are working your back, your biceps and triceps, your shoulders, you lower back, your abs, your hips, your legs, your hamstrings, your forearms and your booty! Believe me, your booty will feel sore when you start rowing because you need to contract it every time you pull with your arms and push with your legs.

Even though the seat is soft and padded, after 20 minutes my butt was burning! In a short amount of time, like 5 minutes you will feel how effective rowing really is. You will start sweating sooner than you think. If you see somebody rowing maybe you don´t realize the potential that it really has, but if you do it on your own you will understand why it is used by so many professional athletes.

Every pro athlete that needs condition, overall strength, and fitness sooner or later will include rowing in his workouts. It is so effective that tennis players, football players, soccer players, basketball players, swimmers, and runners use it, only to name a few.

Best Rowing Machines For Women
The Concept 2 is the best rowing machine in the market, the feeling of real rowing in the water is authentic

You will see results quickly, it is really no rowing machine, it is a fat burning machine!

Clear is, that even the best rowing machine won´t burn your fat, you will need to do it! If you start rowing constantly for about 2 weeks you can see the first results. Maybe your whole body will be aching the first time, but that only means that it is working and that you are doing the job to achieve your dream! The best of all is that rowing is so easy on your joints and tendons, especially on your knees, on your back and lower back, and your shoulders.

Most of the cardio exercises like running and jogging sooner or later, especially if you run on concrete or on hard ground will put tension on your joints and you will feel pain and maybe need to stop for a while. The same is with using weights, even the most professional weight lifters sooner or later will have some type of problem with the wrists, the knees from the weighted squats. Ask someone you know who is doing bodybuilding if she or he had never any issue with the joints. 95 percent will answer that they really had.

Rowing is an all-around sport, you do a full body workout, HIIT, and a form of weightlifting with many sets and reps in one move! Look at women’s bodies of rowers, they are fibered, shredded, have power, don´t look big, but really athletic and don´t have a gram of fat!

The machine seems a little expensive at the beginning, but it is a matter of calculating and you see that it isn´t.

A normal member fee in a gym costs about 60 USD, in a year that is round about 720 USD . You will be paying for using all the machines and weights, but they will never be yours. You leave the gym after a year and the money is away, forever. Besides, how much time will you need to effectively work out. In my case, arriving from work at home, preparing my sports bag and driving to the gym took me about 15 min, enter the gym share the changing room with everybody, change my clothes and go up to the weight room, another 15 min. Working out or rowing for 1 hour, going back to have a shower and change my clothes again, drive home, another 30 min.

I was losing every day about 1 hour only driving to the gym, changing my clothes, and drive back home. That are 30 hours a month of my life. Instead, with the rowing machine I come home and 5 minutes later I am already rowing. I am with my family and I am at home. At the end you will have more time for yourself and your family, you save money, you will be in shape in a very short time, you will preserve your joints, and the Concept2 is yours forever!

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

ProductConcept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Price: Model D$945.00

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Warranty: 5 years

Overall Rank: 4.8/5.0

Best Rowing Machines For Women
How much is your health worth?




 Best Rowing Machines For Women
The computer tracks your progress

The Concept2 has a computer which will show you during rowing your speed, power, distance, and time. As you can see there are many more options besides the basics like workout selections, games, and a memory which saves all of your past sessions. The best way to getting better by wanting to improve your last time and distance!








 Best Rowing Machines For Women
The Concept2 is easily collapsible

Don´t worry if you don´t have a lot of space at your home. It is easily collapsible and won´t occupy much.








 Best Rowing Machines For Women
The customer reviews are excellent


As you can see, 94 percent of the 1077 customers gave 5 stars.







How to Row Correctly and How Many Times Should I Be Rowing?

I started rowing the first week every second day for about 20 to 30 minutes.  The second, third, and fourth week 30 minutes, 5 to 6 times a week.

After a month I was rowing 60 minutes 5 times a week.

Here is a video from the manufacturer explaining everything about the product. Even how to row in the correct position. Enjoy the video!


This is all for now. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. If you want more information about the Concept2, click this link to go to the Amazon information page.

Please leave a comment below if you have more questions and I will be more than happy to answer you.

Ciao for now!

Talk to you soon.






  1. Interesting article. To find Best Rowing Machines For Women is not easy. I am considering to buy something like that for my girlfriend. I have a question? Can my mum use it as well? Is it safe to use? Do you have to stretch before using this machine? Thanks a lot for your time.

    • Hi Karlo, thank you very much for your comment and questions. If your girlfriend wants to get in shape, it is the best present you can buy her because you are investing in her health! Evidently, you can use it also. It is absolutely safe to use it for older ages also, the machine is designed to have the lowest impact on your joints and knees, it is like rowing in water. It is a high-quality product so no worries about your mom. The manufacturer has created a video about how to row correctly, that is also very helpful.

      I would recommend to stretch before every type of workout but honestly, when you are rowing at the same time you are stretching your whole body as well. It is all in one.

      I hope my answer has helped you and that you enjoy the Concept2.

      Thank you!

      Have a great day.



  2. Great product review on rowing machine, detail description and video are very helpful.

    also your comparison to join a gym or owning a rowing machine is really eye opening.You have nicely calculated money saved due use of rowing machine and best part is that you have also calculated time saving .

    Could you let me know whether these are available in India and at what cost ?

    keep posting such reviews

    • Hi Ajay,

      thank you for your comment. The Concept2 is the best rowing machine you can find at the moment. The price-quality relationship is excellent. You save a lot of time and money by buying for yourself and your family.

      I am pretty sure that you can find the Concept 2 at Amazon in India also. I think it is available in nearly the whole world.

      Thank you,



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