Best Healthy Late Night Snack: No More Guilty Conscience!

best healthy late night snack
Popcorn without salt and sugar is a perfect late night snack!

Best Healthy Late Night Snack: No More Guilty Conscience!

Today I am going to talk about that moment when we sit in front of the TV at night and we are hungry and we want to eat something but our consciousness is telling us, that we shouldn’t eat junk food. Instead, we are looking for the best healthy late night snack which also gives us important nutrients for our body.

Normally it is uncommon that we have carvings at midnight when we are following a correct nutrition together with a workout plan. Our blood sugar levels are at an optimum state and our body is filled with enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

best healthy late night snack
Popcorn without salt and sugar is a perfect late night snack!

But sometimes we need that best healthy late night snack because we have worked out a lot, we achieved another goal and we have done that one more repetition and round. We have been rowing that extra mile on the rowing machine or we jumped 2 minutes more on with the jumping rope.

However, it is late in the night and we need the best healthy late night snack now!

You can have midnight snacks, but it shouldn’t become a habit. If you want to lose weight and burn fat, you need to avoid eating too many carbohydrates and sugar before going to sleep.

But once a week, you can perfectly enjoy one of the following best healthy late night snacks.

The best thing is that we have many options to chose from, and we won´t have a bad feeling after having eaten junk food, especially at night when we can´t work out anymore to burn it away directly.


Popcorn by itself is a healthy alternative to junk food, it has only negative effects if we add sugar or salt. If you eat it unsweetened and without salt, it has a good place in our best healthy late night snack list. Heat it shortly in the microwave and enjoy without salt and without sugar!

Kale Chips

The same happens with Kale, it is a very powerful vegetable as it is full of antioxidants, very low in calories (about 50 calories for 100 grams), vitamins, like vitamin K which is very important for our bones and tissues, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium.

The procedure is nearly the same as with the sweet potato chips. The only difference is that you cut out the stem from the leave and preheat the oven to 170 Degrees Celsius about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and you only bake them for about 10 – 15 min. Keep and eye on them in order that they don’t get burnt. Serve and enjoy with your family and friends.


One of the best healthy late night snacks is fruit! It has complex carbohydrates which will dissolve the carvings and the need for sugar if you feel like needing it. Prepare a variety of your favorite fruit. It will make you feel better than eating junk food. Just try it and you will see that you will feel without a bad conscience.

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes have so many minerals, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins, magnesium, and proteins. They are super crunchy and tasty, light and delicious.

They are healthy and tasty so prepare them with enough time and enjoy them whilst watching TV. This is one of my favorites in the list of the best healthy late night snacks.

best healthy late night snack
Sweet potato chips are crunchy, healthy, and delicious!

Preheat the oven to 250 Fahrenheit / 120 Celsius

Cut 2-3 sweet potatoes in uniform thin slices, if you want you even don´t need to peel them, the skin has the most quantity of minerals and vitamins.

Use between 1 and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

Add one teaspoon of salt (I personally don´t use it, but you can give it a little more taste)

Coat the slices a little bit with the olive oil and lay them down on a baking sheet on an oven layer.

Bake them for about 60 minutes, flip them around and bake them for 60 minutes more until crispy.



For many people, nuts are the best healthy late night snack because they are crunchy tasty and have a lot of important minerals, proteins, carbohydrates. If prepared without salt and they are not fried, they will even help you achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. Always remember to eat no exaggerated amounts of it, if not you will eat too many calories before to go to sleep.


A smoothie is always a good snack, maybe it is the best healthy late night snack because you can combine the ingredients by yourself, and the protein in it will help you burning fat and strengthening your muscles while you are sleeping. Try my best morning smoothie for losing weight, you can also prepare it for a late night snack. You can replace the oatmeal with a banana if you want, that will make it more creamy and will fill you faster.


Yes, this vegetable is crunchy tasty and healthy. It has so many benefits that you should incorporate it into your daily nutrition plan.

best healthy late night snack
Fennel is a crunchy and healthy vegetable!

One Piece Of Dark Chocolate

Yes, you can eat it! As long as you don’t eat the full table of chocolate it is even helpful. Dark chocolate has many minerals and vitamins which will help your muscles to recover faster but don’t eat too much, dark chocolate has many calories and some coffee also.

Cottage Cheese With Honey

Cottage cheese is really low on calories and low in fat!

best healthy late night snack
Cottage cheese is full of proteins and ideal late night snack!

It is full of important proteins which will help you lose weight, burn fat, and tone your muscle fibers. If you are really hungry add some honey to make it sweeter.


Kefir is a nice drink for lactose intolerant persons that don’t want to miss their dietary food. It is full of proteins and minerals which protect your gut flora. Besides, kefir has no lactose in it, because the kefir grains are eliminating the sugar in the milk. It is delicious mixed with strawberries or cranberries. Try to add some fruit for your best healthy late night snack or drink it pure.

How Can Protein Help Me Burn Fat and Get In Shape

As I mentioned above, you can add protein powder to your smoothie which is at top of my list of the best healthy late night snack. High-Quality Protein Powder helps you in increasing the fat burning effect and to get in shape faster. The Sunwarrior Protein Powder is my favorite because the ingredients are 100 percent natural and the taste is absolutely delicious. I recommend that you try it to help you to slim down and shape up!

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Best Protein Powder for Vegetarian Women


This is all for now, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about the best healthy late night snack. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao Ciao!



  1. Hi Simon,

    What a useful article, I’ve found it very interesting!
    I have few pounds to lose, and this article is just in time:)
    I was happily surprised to read that popcorn is an excellent alternative to junk food. I am sure I am not the only one, but I love junk food, and to me, popcorn is a great snack to eat while watching a good movie.
    However, the Warrior Blend seems to be very handy to burn fat. Just a question, please. What is the appropriate quantity per day? Also, I would like to know if this product replace a meal or we can eat it as a dessert?
    Thank you very much!

    • Dear Daniella,

      thank you very much for your comments.

      Yes, popcorn is a great alternative to junk food if you don´t add sugar or salt.

      The appropriate quantity for the Warrior Blend Protein is 1-2 scoops per day.

      Personally, depending on my day, I use it as a replacement and sometimes as a dessert, because I put it into my smoothie 🙂

      Thank you and have a nice day!


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