Best Cardio Workout For Women: Break Your Sweat!

Free Full Body Workout Routine For Women
Leg Raisers Work Your Core And Legs

Best Cardio Workout For Women: Break Your Sweat!

If you are looking for the best cardio workout routine for women, you have come to the right place! Congratulations! Today I am going to show you a few simple exercises which you can do easily at home that will activate all the mechanisms in your body to burn fat, lose weight, break your sweat, and get fitter! There is no magic behind this routine, the key is to stay constant and don´t give up.

I can promise you that if you follow this workout for a few weeks doing it 4-6 days a week you will see and feel the results.

Best Cardio Workout For Women: Break Your Sweat!

I have chosen 5 exercises for you. I use personally this routine when I want to lose weight fast, especially when I want to burn belly fat before the summertime. It should be performed as circuit training, that means that you start with the jumping rope and end with the leg raisers. After that, you start over again. At the beginning, you should do minimum 2 sets and after some weeks 3-5.

You should be performing this routine as a circuit training, that means that you start with the jumping rope and end with the Plank. After that, you start over again. At the beginning, you should do minimum 2 sets and after some weeks 3-5 up to 10.

First Exercise: Jumping Rope

Best Cardio Workout For Women
The Jumping Rope Works Your Whole Body And Is A Perfect Warm-Up

Start with the jumping rope, it is a cardio workout by itself that will burn fat fast. Use it as a warm-up to activate your whole body and prepare it for the rest of this routine. Jump about 2-3 minutes at a steady pace, if you have a speed rope you can jump faster than with a heavier leather rope. It depends on your level.  If you do it intensively, you will start sweating right now!

Now take a rest of about 10-15 seconds, drink some water, and follow with the next exercise…..

Second Exercise: Moutain Climbers

Best Cardio Workout For Women
Fantastic Exercise to Work Your Legs, Booty, and Core

Don´t worry, they seem harder as they actually are! Mountain Climbers will work your legs, booty, abs, arms and shoulders. Besides, they are the perfect exercise for this best cardio workout for women. If you aren´t sweating already, after this exercise you will! Do them at your own pace, but don´t do them too slow, like in the image above is a normal pace. The faster you to them, the faster you will feel the burn in your body, especially your core!

Do this exercise for about 1-3 minutes depending on your level! You are doing great! Keep on, this is the right way! You are doing the right thing for yourself!

Don´t forget to breathe deeply in and out whilst doing this exercise, the more oxygen enters your body the more fat you will be burning!

Drink some more water and take a rest of 10-15 seconds!

Switch over to the next exercise now…..

Third Exercise: Lunges 


Best Cardio Workout For Women
Lunges Will Work Your Booty And Legs

The speed should be 2 seconds to do the front step, and also 2 seconds for coming back to the beginning position.

 I recommend you to switching the leg after each step to use the same amount of energy and stay balanced. This exercise will engage your booty, your rectus femoris, and your quadriceps. Besides, it works your core.

Do about 10-12 lunges per leg.

This exercise is a perfect fat burner, even more in combination with the other exercises. This is why it is called the best cardio workout for women.

You are awesome! Great! You nearly finished the first round of this workout. Go on and don´t stop!

Take a rest of 10-15 seconds and follow with…..

Fourth Exercise: Push Ups

Best Cardio Workout For Women
Push Ups Work Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Core

Till now we have worked more the lower part of the body, now we will do the first exercise for the upper body. Push Ups are one of the completest upper body workouts and they need to be in this best cardio workout routine for women.

Perform about 5-15 push-ups, depending on your level. Don´t place your hands wider than your shoulders in order to protect your joints. If they are too difficult for you, just do them in a more inclined position, with your hands on a bench or a chair.

Push Ups are working your triceps, your shoulders, and your core. Don´t forget to breathe in a constant rhythm whilst going up and down. Go down slower than you go up.

Take a rest for 10-15 seconds and follow with the last exercise…..

Fifth Exercise: Leg Raisers

Full Body Best Cardio Workout For WomenFor Women
Leg Raisers Work Your Core And Legs

This exercise works mainly your ab muscles and your legs. Do about 10-20 of this exercise. The core is one of the most important parts of our body. It stabilizes our upper body and gives us strength to perform all the other exercises. 

Keep on breathing deeply in an out whilst performing the leg raisers. It is important to keep your legs as straight as possible without flexing them too much. This will engage much more your core muscles.

Congratulations! You did it! You completed the first round of this cardio workout routine for women. If your husband or boyfriend wants to do it with you, he can! This works absolutely for men also!

Now you should be starting from the beginning again with the jumping rope. Do about 2-9 rounds more depending on your level.

You will see and feel a big difference of your mood, motivation, and shape after only a few weeks. Go on and don´t give up!

The Jumping Rope Can Help You Losing Fat and Getting In Shape Fast

As you have seen, the jumping rope accelerates the fat burning effect and helps you to gain overall strength. I prefer it over running because it’s easier on my joints and I can stay at the same place without moving. Besides I like the effect that it works out the rest of my body, not only the legs. You will start sweating very fast, if you do it intensively and get better after a while. It is really funny because it requires coordination, and you can always add new combinations. I have chosen some of the best jumping ropes at Amazon for you and done a product review about them. Click the following link to see my article! .Amazon has the best prices and good quality ropes right now.

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leg workout routine for women

This is all for now, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about this best cardio workout for women. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer you as soon as I can.



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